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If you have ever ordered from Vistaprint.com, check your statements, they are ripping people off! I ordered business cards and they have been charging me for the past 3 months for a service I never requested. They gave my credit card information to Business Max. When I called them, they said that I clicked on a popup, and that Vista Print authorized that charge. This is not true since I have a popup blocker. Please send this e-mail to all of your friends. Companies like this do not deserve good customers. I just opened a complaint to the BBB. Some complaints are as old as 5 years ago and some as new as today. Apparently, Vistaprint does not learn, they just keep changing their name on the credit card charge.

Let's all fight back and cripple this company by sending this e-mail to as many people as you know. I am very upset because they have no right to do this, and apparently they are not stopping. All you have to do is type in Google, VistaPrint ripoff and you will see so many complaints and no one is stopping them. Whatever happened to the Federal companies that are supposed to stop this and protect the consumers? I will certainly never purchase from them again.

Consumers affair:


Ripoff Report: http://www.badbusinessbureau.com/searchresults.asp?q1=ALL&q4=&q6=&q3=&q2=&q7=&searchtype=0&submit2=Search%21&q5=vistaprint

The Better business burue gave them a unsatisfactory score, and was named 1 of the top 10 worst companies.


Online Printing Causes Numerous Hassles

With more than 260 complaints filed with the BBB, Vista Print USA, Inc. of Lexington, Mass is one of the BBB top ten most complained about companies. Vista Print provides design and print services over the internet, which might sound convinient (as their website claims), but 260 consumers report otherwise. Many complaints allege that the company shipped inaccurate and incorrect items to consumers.

Though the company website states that the average wait on their toll free line is thirty seconds, dozens of consumers reported significant troubles reaching customer service. The BBB also received reports that Vista Print placed unauthorized charges on consumerss credit cards. Vista Print USA, Inc. has an unsatisfactory report with the BBB for no response to complaints and a pattern of complaints.


Please send to at least 10 people, or all of your friends and family.


Product or Service Mentioned: Vistaprint Printing Service.

Monetary Loss: $44.

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Fairfield, New South Wales, Australia #1196096

Yup. Me too.

I bought some business cards from them in the UK, thought no more about it, until I started checking my credit card statements. Charging me regularly for a website I never ordered, never wanted, never used, PLUS there were charges for an overseas transaction on my credit card statements because I live in Australia and it's an Australian card.

Do not use these people. This is a scam.




Don't use credit cards use paypal only.

Los Angeles, California, United States #830238

I appear to have been billed for an image upload on a HD pic about a month after I did one actually for myself. I've never seen this image and I did not upload it.

I am now VERY suspicious...

it was in 2011 though. Not lately


Bad news whoever doing business with Vista Print. Do NOT ORDER ANY BUSINESS CARD FROM THEM. My company ordered business cards where we paid for $90 for 250 cards. Original price was $29. however, they charge us with loading pdf file fees and special paper that we requested. We alright we that as long we got a good results. 1 month after the order we got the order, and we are so disappointing because they gave as crappy paper, not that we asked for. they gave us low quality paper, BTW we ask front glossy and back matte paper. The worst part was they print the business card include with crop mark!!! How ignorance they are for their work. it made my business card so small and hard to read. I complaint about it for them to fix and replace my business card, but so far I have no luck... no answer///it has been 2 weeks.I lost $90 and I have to make a new business card from somewhere else, and my time as well.



This company is the worst I've ever dealth with $18.95 for shipping charges on a $10.00 order!! They did this without using a gun !! :(


I never even purchased anything from this company & yet somehow they got my bank details &withdrew $17.36 from my account!When my bank trackes it down i will be taking legal action!

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #591805

VistaPrint's customer services are very poor.

I am a new customer, I have accidentally clik finish icon, however, there are still some pages are blank, I logged customer services, they have no idea how to fix the problem.


i'm new customer to vista print and i have already received my second delivery today.... big box worth over $360 everything in a box was properly done the way i did it on the net no problems .tishirts ,vouchers,cups,ti shirts for my kids, hats, xmas cards ,business cards ,....all good ..so thumbs up to VISTAPRINT from me...well done,and i've already recommend them to my own customers :)


:x :? i hac a mistake on business cards & a t.shirt vistaprint refunded my money


I placed a order and then canceled it. I was told I would get a refund for the total amount.

I have been waiting for 3 months. It only took 3 minutes to charge my credit card. And I'm still waiting fir a refund.

Its time to report them to the BBB . This is no way to run a business.


I have been using Vistaprint (which comes out of the Netherlands) for years now and have NEVER had a complaint, everything I have ordered has been good quality and quick delivery. I do not pay by credit card, I use Paypal.I have recommended them to lots of friends who are now using it and have no complaints.

to Jan from North Stradbroke Isla #842945

Intelligent people use paypal,never ever use credit cards on the internet.


I have used Vistaprints for the first time, ordered the Business pack on 5th May, Banner arrived less than 48hours later, all the other parts (except for envelopes) arrived less than 72 hours from placing order. I was very impressed with the quality of ALL products received and blown away by the delivery service.

I live in Northern Victoria (Australia) and paid for the 14 day service.

I will use Vistaprints again, but will keep an eye on the credit card transactions. Thanks for the 'Heads Up'


I have been using Vistaprint for a number of years now, I live in New Zealand and every package I have received has come from Europe or through Europe. Sometimes the delivered order is incomplete, but that is because they sometimes post things seperately, which YOU do not pay extra for.

I have never had any complaints about their products. The first cards I got were tiny, but that was MY fault, I hadnt realised the sizes. I am, however, looking at getting my website hosted elsewhere as I am paying nearly $50 a month and I can pay around $10 a month locally. So I am only looking elsewhere due to price in these hard times.

Overall, I will NOT stop using Vistaprint. Perhaps there is a prob with the USA based business? They DO have loads of free stuff, masses of it, so dont be complaining too loud, some people are complete whiners and it is so pathetic to try and get this company in trouble fir your own issues. I have NEVER been overcharged, nor had "mysterious" charges on my card.

I have not un-checked anything either. So, I am one happy, vistaprint customer. If you dont like what is happening, you are free to go elsewhere.

But yes, if charges have occured, def seek a refund, but dont be bolshy about it, try being polite and pleasant, it goes alot further than nastiness. :)


I have been using Vistaprint for a few years now! I have had an issue with my cards once, but sent an email to them and they replied in less than 48hrs and the product was fixed, re printed and reshipped for free!

There is a part where you have to UNTICK boxes, especially for the website, so i dont think people should be quick to blame vistaprint here! As is always the case with ANY purchase you should ALWAYS read terms and conditions and what you are agreeing to.

i have NEVER had money taken out of my account by them without my permission! :grin


I have just received my 'free business cards' at a cost of £30 and it is impossible to read the writing on them against the background picture. It was fine on the screen but when the poor quality printing was transferred to the poor quality paper it was impossible to read


I use Vista print all the time their Polo Shirts and hood Jackets are superb and no errors and my business cards and Magnets and other stationary receive compliments all the time.

However the website designs are *** as I always have dramas updating photos and information and when I ask them to fix it they send the same email response so NO I dont like the websites due to no solutions offed so am looking at different hosting for the 2 I have


Same thing happened to me. It takes so long to correct the charges, most foks give up. I wonder how much they make on us suckers?

I liked the product just ok... it was printed off center and on poor quality paper. I will order my cards locally from now on.

Who reads all the fine print?

on a seperate note:

usmcdeathcard sounds like a ***


Just received an order from Vistaprint, this was the worst thing I had ever seen, EVER. I ordered 1000 Premium 1 sided business cards, 18 days later I received the package today.

First off instead of 1000 cards I only got 428. Second the cards are printed in thin paper which is clearly inkjet printed, and worst of all the cards look like a child cut them with scissors. You can see crop marks and slanted cuts where part of the card has been cut away. I can do a better job at home and that's not an exaggeration.

Now I am trying to get a refund while my business goes without cards and is constantly being requested by clients.


This company seems big but I wouldn't be surprised to find out that it is a small operation running out of someones basement.

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