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I received an email from Vistaprint offering me £40 worth of free products as I had used them before and all I had to pay was the shipping. I made a point of reading all teh small print as I have worked in call centres for years and usually these offers have some sort of catch. However, this one seemed to be genuine so I went ahead and ordered my products that were to that value.

I put in my offer code from the email and it reduced the cost to zero. I then went to pay and an error message came up and charged me in full so I contacted them via telephone. Big mistake.

They are by far the worst call centre I have ever spoken to, they have no idea how to deal with customers who have problems with the website or just customer service in general.

The error I was told was their side and other people had had this problem. I had to email the member of staff the email and he then contacted several departments and they tried to resolve it.

After being on the phone for AN HOUR and not wanting to have wasted my time I held on as it is freephone, I was then transferred to a manager.

The manager was even worse, the member of staff I had been speaking to had not even told her the situation so I then had to go through the entire situation again. In the end she managed to use a code from another offer to get the price down but I was promised that if I paid this difference (£17) and the post and packaging then they would refund the £17 back to my card.

They would only refund this if I called back as it had to be authorised by a different department and she said it would take about half an hour. I refused, having been on hold for over an hour now and it being 1130pm in the evening uk time and the fact that it was their error. In the end she agreed to put the refund through and would be back on the card within 10 working days.

1 month later still no refund. So I sent them an email asking where it was. I got back a reply saying that they had no record of my call or any details and in this case they would not be issuing a refund!!!! Rediculous!!

It was their poor set up error on the offer which caused the internet timeout error.

I was promised a refund that they are not refusing to give even though it was confirmed by a manager.

They are ignoring the fact that I received bad customer service and was on the phone for over an hour for something that was their error.

They refuse to complete a call verification which will have the details of someone confirming my entire conversation and the content of this email.

They provided an offer that does not work or even exist.

They have taken money off a card that was promised to be refunded and now not been.

This is fraud.

Not to mention that the printing and products were poor anyway. The print was off colour and the photo albums were shabby and flimsy, a child could have produced better.

I am going to ensure that everyone knows the truth about Vistaprint and never even so much as considers using them as a new customer and persue this until I am refunded!!!

Do not EVER use this company they are fraudsters and thieves!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vistaprint Printing Service.

Monetary Loss: $17.

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