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I took Vista Print up on an offer for 250 free business cards. All you are supposed to do is pay about 5.95 for shipping.

I received my cards in the mail and all was well. I was pleased. THEN... about a month later I had 2 checks bounce in my account.

I have never bounced a check. After a closer look in to my account history, I came to find Vista Print had been charging me 14.95 for the last 2 months for some rewards program *** which I did NOT sign up for. And even though I had supposedly been signed up for this for 2 mo., this was the first Id heard of it. After calling the Co., they said they would have to review it then get back to me.

It was 2 weeks and no word. They ended up putting back the what they took out,without my permission, but would not be responsible for the 2 NSF charges they caused me to incur.

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You people are ***. Once you realize that NOTHING in this world is free, and understand that if something is too good to be true then it is, then you'll stop getting ***-raped by these scammers.

If you fell for it and got screwed, good, you deserve it, dumbphucks. :grin




For those who are looking for another site of online printig business cards. I found one the other day, they seem to have good reviews., really user friendly and has very good customer service


Uh, Jeff, dude... you aren't paying attention!

You already put back what u took out...whether it was without permission or u slipped one in. Why didn't u take care of the overdrafts u caused?

Zlin, Zlinsky Kraj, Czech Republic #69512

Great, you will let her cancel, but why did you charge her in the first place? What are you going to do about the fact that twice you drafted her checking without her permission or knowledge?

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